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At Eyetech Optical, we provide a dedicated repair service for instruments used by Opticians for sight testing and diagnosis. We work to the highest standards because we know what is right and what the customer requires from their equipment. We can repair and service almost every piece of optical equipment an optician would use we and have specialists in optics, mechanics, electronics and computers. We have a policy of not making a charge if we are unable to repair an instrument so if you have a item which another repair company cannot fix or repair would be too expensive, please contact us. We have had much success in repairing instruments other companies have written off as un-repairable and, as we don't charge for un-repaired items, you won't be out of pocket if we can't repair it. Don't forget that we offer a selection of operation manuals and our own step-by-step instructions for you to use before calling us out. You never know, the problem you experience may not be as severe as you thought! For a non-exhaustive list of instruments we can service, please click here

We can do repairs that other companies cannot do such as repairing video monitors and cameras and repairing electronic circuits to component level.

We also supply a large quantity of bulbs and accessories for all kinds of ophthalmic instruments. Check our listing for what you require but if you don't see it, please contact us and we will try to obtain it.

Other Services we Provide

Electrical Safety Testing
If requested, we can perform PAT testing using a Seaward PAT1000X portable appliance tester. We also check the condition of mains connections and cables and ensure fuse is of correct type and rating.

Advice on Room Layout
If you are having a room built or have an unusual size or shape of test room, we may be able to advise you on the most appropriate equipment. It is best to put a lot of thought into this before costly mistakes are made.

Logistics and Removals
We can move entire consulting rooms full of equipment between premises.