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EyeTech Optical Limited is a new company but has a wealth of experience in the repair and service of ophthalmic instruments. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible service at competitive prices. Our skills and experience are second to none and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer service.

Optical Equipment

I have been involved in the repair and service of ophthalmic instruments since joining the Service Department of Keeler Ltd in 1989. My original task was to service all sight test equipment in a major chain of Opticians and during an eight year period, I gained experience on virtually every make, type and model of optometric and ophthalmic instrument. I joined Young Optical in 1997 and gained unique experience in the repair of Nikon Instruments. Since Nikon Instruments ceased to trade in 2001, I have been the only person able to repair some of the Nikon Instruments which are no longer in production. I founded my first business, Frost Optical Services in June 2001 and built the business up over a six year period. I have now left that company and started again with new commitment but the same high standards are customers have been used to.

At EyeTech, we are completely independent of any instrument manufacturer and because of this, we have no interest in selling you a new instrument when we think the old one can be repaired. We will always try to repair any instrument worth repairing and can give you an unbiased opinion of the condition of your instruments and recommend the most appropriate solution to your problems.

We have gathered together experts in many fields e.g. electronics, computing, mechanical engineering etc to provide a wide ranging, cost effective, high quality repair service for most makes, types and models of optometric and ophthalmic instruments.

Gary Evans